Big news! On March 12, Brandon and I welcomed our son, Harrison Hammett Turner! We are both doing great, he is very healthy, and I am loving being a mommy. I’m so in love with my little man! (see pic posted below!)

I am also slowly getting back into playing shows, starting next week, with shows in Charleston & Spartanburg, SC.-á I have really missed playing music and can’t wait to get back! I will be fairly close to home over the next few months (Carolinas, Georgia & TN) but I’m planning 2 tours for later this year, one up the East Coast-á for late Sept/early Oct. and one to the Midwest in November. I am updating my calendar all the time, so please keep an eye on it and come see me!

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to check out my new song, “Arkansas Murder Ballad”! You can stream it for free and download it for 99 cents on Bandcamp:
You can also listen on Youtube:
And Reverbnation:


Thanks for all your support & encouragement during this time, it means so much to us!

-áAll the best,

Angela Easterling

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