Arkansas Murder Ballad, New Single, Out Today!

Hi Everyone!

It’s my birthday and I wanted to do something special by sharing a little new music with you. As you may know, I am expecting my first baby, due in the next couple of weeks, and while I’m taking a little time off for maternity, I wanted to leave you with a little sample of what I’ve been working on.

Today, I am releasing a new single, “Arkansas Murder Ballad”, recorded a couple weeks back by Matthew Knights at County Line Studio in Chesnee, SC and produceed by Brandon Turner. You can stream it for free and download it for 99 cents on Bandcamp:
You can also listen on Youtube:
And Reverbnation:

I will be working on getting it up on a few other sites soon. Please feel free to share and repost!!
Even though my song was only released this morning, It already got a great write up by Dan Armonaitis:

“Unsurprisingly, given its title, “Arkansas Murder Ballad,” is a hauntingly melodic song filled with stark lyrics that might be the best Easterling has ever composed.

“It’s hard not to get goose bumps while listening to the chorus, in which she achingly cries, “Pay heed, that old north wind is howlin’ low/And she seems to say, ‘hey girl, where you gonna go?’”

“Thematically and sonically, Easterling’s new song is like a cross between such traditional 19th century murder ballads as “Omie Wise” and “Poor Ellen Smith” and more contemporary folk-rock material such as Neil Young’s “Down by the River.”

Hope you enjoy the song & have a great day!


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