New, Previously Unreleased Song, “Winter’s Lie”!

I am excited to share a NEW, unreleased song with you today, especially for this time of year, “Winter’s Lie”, recorded with Joe Pisapia, featuring Brandon Turner on guitars, Will Kimbrough on mandolin, Paul Griffith on drums and Dave Jacques on bass. For the month of December, you can download it for FREE on Bandcamp:
You can also download it for .99 on CDbaby:
And stream it on Youtube:

I wrote this song as two dear friends of mine were going through a painful divorce. It was hard to see, and reminded me of in wintertime, when the snow falls, everything looks so perfect and beautiful, but then it melts away, like it was never even there. It gets trampled and dirty. But even in the frozen darkness there is still hope, in the painful and beautiful process of letting go.

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Beautiful photo by Stacie Huckeba!

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