Welcome to BandCamp!

I am always trying to find new and better ways of getting my music to people and I recently discovered BandCamp. It is a great site where I can post all my songs from every CD. I have worked on getting my page ready for the last couple of days and am excited to announce it is now live!-á http://angelaeasterling.bandcamp.com/ This is a fantastic site that gives me the chance to sell my music, both in Physical CD’s and downloads, to fans all over the world, and to offer any special discounts and promotions that I choose. You can order CD’s directly from me and get them autographed, if you like. Many packages come with bonus material, such as a high-res signature poster and lyric sheets. I’m going to be offering special deals from time to time for my fans via my bandcamp page. Even better, when you buy a copy of the CD, you also get an immediate free download of that album! So you can go ahead and start listening to it and already have it on your computer/ipod while you are waiting for the physical CD to come in the mail.

I am offering 2 really great specials for March. The first is with my CD Beguiler. The 1st 20 folks to buy a copy of the Beguiler CD will get-á a FREE copy of your choice of any of my other 3 CD’s. This offer is limited to 20, so act soon. Get the free CD for yourself or as a gift. You will also get a free immediate download of the Beguiler album to your computer! So for the price of one CD ($14) You get 2 CD’s plus one download album! You will let me know at checkout which CD you would like to get for free. To take advantage of this offer, click here: http://angelaeasterling.bandcamp.com/album/beguiler

The other special I’m offering for the month of March is a $5 download for my new CD Mon secret! Download the whole CD for just $5! You can pay more if you want to donate a buck or 2 my way, but that is up to you, all I’m asking is $5! To purchase this deal, go here: http://angelaeasterling.bandcamp.com/album/mon-secret

These 2 offers are available to both U.S. and international customers!


Check out the new song Bien aime

Review for Mon secret in Audiophile

Review for Mon secret from France-á-á

“Angela doesn’t sing in French just to sing in French, she sings in French as one should do it, with the heart.”

Article in Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Great reviews on Mon secret Amazon page

See you soon! 🙂


P.S. One more great deal for U.S. folks: I just noticed Amazon has Mon secret back on sale for just $9.77! Another great way to get a copy.

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