My Last Tour for a little while – BIG NEWS!

Hi Everyone! I’m looking forward to heading up to Ohio, Michigan & West Virginia next week for a few shows. I’m really excited to get to tour to this area of the country for the first time. This will be my last big tour for a while as I have some major changes coming up in my life!
I found out over the summer that Brandon Turner & I are expecting our first child, a boy, due in early March. I am so excited and looking forward to being a mom. I plan to keep playing for as long as I can until the baby is born and to pick up playing again as soon as I can thereafter. But I haven’t done this before, so I have no idea what it is going to be like. It will naturally mean that I have to take a little time off the road and play my shows closer to home for a while. But I hope that I can get back to touring soon, maybe by next summer. I will continue to play regional (SC, NC, TN, GA) shows, but may have to put that farther-away-stuff off for the next several months.
My pregnancy has been complication-free, although the first couple of months were difficult, as I was sick and nauseous and exhausted pretty much 24-7 for all of July and August and early September. The constant touring I had during those months was a trial, but I am proud to say that I played every show, no matter how sick I was. Since then, I have felt energized and great. The baby’s health is good also and I am very thankful for this blessing.
Up until now, writing and playing music has been the number one priority in my life. I love music and I love playing shows. I love the towns I get to travel to and the great folks I get to meet along the way. I don’t want to have to give that up and I don’t plan to. It will be a changing and growing and shifting time as I learn how to put all the pieces in place. I hope all my friends and fans out there won’t forget about me as I am taking a little time off to do this. I still want to create more music and have so much more to share with you. See you ’round the bend.

xo, Angela

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