Help Angela get on “Madmen”

August 20, 2009: Help me get on Mad Men! Go to the link to watch my video and vote for me!
You have to register at AMC.TV

 to vote, but you can only vote once (not everyday like last time) so
once you vote for me you are done. If you’re so inclined, you could
also leave me a nice comment. Please consider forwarding this to your
friends. It will only take a moment to register and vote. For the video, you had to perform a monologue of one of the
characters. They had 6 monologues to choose from. I chose Pete Campbell
and since he whines all the time, I turned his monologue into a whiny
yodeling country song. I recorded guitar, vocal and mandolin on my
computer and then made my video. Go here to watch my
exclusive video:

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