Great write-ups in Kudzoo and Icon Magazine

Kudzoo Magazine recently featured Angela and "Common Law Wife" in both a live review and CD review.
"'Common Law Wife" is Angela's best album yet, with every track sounding as good (or better) than folks like Miranda Lambert or Kacey Musgraves. She's that good. My personal favorite tracks are "Throwing Strikes," about baseball and cotton mills, and "Hammer". I cannot recommend this one any stronger. This girl is on the way to the very top with a bullet."      Michael Buffalo Smith

Icon Magazine, which is published in the Philadelphia, central PA and NJ area also recently ran a 3 Star review for "Common Law Wife".
"'Little Lights" is a reflection on impending motherhood that sows her skills as a lyricist. She captures the ambivalence of a first-time mother. "Throwing Strikes is a sharp-edged country rocker that employs baseball terminology to describe the loss of industry in a small town. She delivers the song in a tone that mixes sorrow and defiance."                   Tom Wilk

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