CD Summer Release

March 18, 2009: I am busy getting ready for the summer release of my new CD, BlackTop Road, produced by Will Kimbrough and featuring some fantastic musicians. In January, I went back to Nashville to do some touch-up recording, mix and master. I also did a photo shoot with amazing NC photographer Coke Whitwoth. He is such a talent and was my first choice, so glad I got to work with him. We shot at my family’s farm on Hammett Bridge Rd. The results were stunning and Eva Crawford, who did such a wonderful job designing my last CD, is hard at work on the package and poster. If you’d like to see some photos and hear some select tracks, click on the “Music” page to be directed to where they are. Check back soon for more info about the release and tour!

Believe it or not, I am also prepping for another new CD, which I hope to record this fall. It is a very exciting project with my dear friend, Marianne Bessy. Ms. Bessy is a native of France, has a Phd and is a professor of French at Furman University. We have been working on a group of songs (entirely in French) together and are almost finished writing at this point. I’m really thrilled about this and can’t wait to start recording.  

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