Angela written up in No Depression and The Alternate Root!

ON THE RADAR – The Alternate Root 8-19-15
By Danny McClosky

Angela Easterling has sworn off marriage, and mentioned it in past albums of her songs. She fesses up on her recent release, admitting that despite breeding and school degrees, life has dealt her the positions of Common Law Wife. She is content as she biographs her time with long term musical collaborator Brandon Turner, happy with the only man that never left her, and too busy changing diapers for any stinkin’ licenses. Angela Easterling offers diary pages for the characters that flesh out Common Law Wife. She tells the tale of a returning soldier with “Isaac Woodard's Eyes”, where the uniform that fought for freedom finds blindness in the justice at home, and tells the tale of shortened life story with “Arkansas Murder Ballad”.

Angela Easterling, musical and life cohort, Brandon, and their son live on a family farm in South Carolina that dates back to 1791. Angela gives motherhood thanks for being a muse, and hints that some lyricscelebrate the arrival of her first child, as Common Law Wife explores the complexities, struggles and joys of her experiences. Angela Easterling strikes “Hammer” with a confident swing in the rhythms that course under the ghosts in its story, strums a Classic Country to fit into the old pair of jeans she finds in the drawer in “Table Rock”, and watches “The Flame” slowly rise in a lost love’s new relationship.

NO Depression – "On Angela Easterling and No Depression Friendships", by Easy Ed, 9-9-2015

"She has moved through the years with dignity and grace…., it feels like it's her time to break through to a wider audience."

"Her New Album is one of the best I've heard this year." Joe Wolfe-Mazeres, Ear To The Ground Music

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