Angela releases new “quarantine” single: “Together Is Better”, featuring Brandon Turner

Here it is! A new song for you! “Together is Better”. Brandon and I have been playing music together and collaborating on albums for 11 years now, but this is the first song we ever wrote together. Musically inspired by Brandon’s love of the classic E Street Band sound, and lyrically inspired by, well, togetherness. 😉

Brandon played all the instruments, except drums, and recorded them in our home studio. Jeff Hook played drums, which were tracked along with vocals at Buddy Strong’s Southeastern. Buddy also mixed and mastered and Brandon takes the lead vocal on this one.

It might seem funny to release a song about togetherness during a time of physical separation, but I decided to go ahead and release it while we are in the middle of this quarantine because, although we are having to isolate ourselves from each other to stay safe, we are truly in this fight together and the only way we are going to survive it is if we work together, think of each other, and try to find ways we can help, even from a distance, using our own unique gifts and abilities. Everyone matters and has something to offer. We can make it together.

We are both full-time musicians and like so many other Americans, we are out of work for the immediate future. We really appreciate your support during this time. However, if you would like to have the song, but can’t afford a purchase right now, just let me know and I will be happy to send you a free download code!! ❤️💙

We are currently almost done with our new album. The virus might slow down the release a bit before we can put the finishing touches on it, but we still hope to have it out in 2020.

Other big news for now: we are expecting our third baby boy in about a month! We are super-excited to welcome him into our family! Despite the fear and concern of the times we are in, a new baby brings so much love and joy, and hope for the future.

Please follow us on facebook and instagram for access to live videos we have been posting regularly since the quarantine began. We are beyond grateful to those who have supported us and our family with online “tips” during this time of no gigs. If you would like to support our music, buying CD’s or downloads is always great; you can also “tip” us via VENMO:@ANGELA-EASTERLING-2 or Paypal: or

We look forward to all of this being over and getting to share our music with you in person, very soon! Stay safe and well, dear friends.