2020 Wrap Up: New Music & New Baby!

Hi Everyone!

It is December and 2020 is drawing to a close. I hope you are safe and well! I am sitting here in my kitchen, with my Covid-hair (no salon visits all year, and being reunited with my natural haircolor after about 20 years or so, has not exactly been uplifting, lol!) I had hoped to finally release my new album this year, but like much of our 2020 plans, that didn’t quite work out how I expected. However, there is so much to be grateful for, even in this crazy year! Mainly the joyful welcoming of our new baby boy, Rory Eugene, born in May. Brandon and I did not know how we were going to handle 3 boys, but as the events of 2020 drew us home to stay, these sweet boys have been our saving grace and kept us going through these challenging times.

We are still planning to release a new album next year, and have previewed several of the songs throughout the year on Bandcamp. We have a few new ones to record, but are pretty much done and can’t wait to put the whole thing together. If you would like to preview or even download some of the songs, please visit my bandcamp page: https://angelaeasterling.bandcamp.com/

Also, here’s a little interview and performance from “Your Carolina” that we taped in the early days of the pandemic: https://www.wspa.com/your-carolina/meet-local-musician-angela-easterling/

As a final touch for 2020, we released our first ever Christmas/Holiday tune, “Party ‘Round My Favorite Tree”! The inspiration for the song came from the guitar-playing style of Spartanburg, SC native, Hank Garland, who played the instantly recognizable lead guitar parts on Christmas classics, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ and “Jingle Bell Rock”. Once the song was written, Brandon decided to give it a bit of a rockabilly feel. I wrote this song in December, 2019 and hoped to record and release it for Christmas last year. Unfortunately, I got sick and lost my voice, and was not able to record my vocal until January, 2020. So, we have been waiting ALL YEAR to release this! And yes, this is obviously a pre-COVID song, and we do not recommend doing some of the things this song talks about until it is safe to do so! 🙂
The main thing I remember about recording this vocal is that – I was about 20 or so weeks pregnant at the time – and Baby Rory was just a-kickin’ and dancin’ in there the whole time we were in the studio. I took that as a good sign. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the song and that it brings a smile to your face! https://angelaeasterling.bandcamp.com/track/party-round-my-favorite-tree

Living through such crazy and historic times, it is hard to think much about the future. We’re just trying to get through each day, and keep our family fed and safe and well. Over a weekend’s time, I went from being a working musician, to an out-of-work musician teaching 1st Grade and K-3 to my kids. This year has thrown into sharp relief the things I hold most dear, the things for which I am most grateful. Many of which are things I took for granted before this year. I have found much beauty and warmth and love. Surely, getting to spend so much time with my children has been a blessing. Also, the notes and gifts and generosity of folks all over the country, who took the time to think of us and our family, to let us know that our music meant something to them. All the friends and fans and family who tuned into our online concerts, making us feel close, even though we were far apart. All those who sent diapers and clothes and sweet cards to welcome our new baby. We will never forget your kindness!

As this year draws to a close and we all hope for better things, I look forward to the day when we can bring our music to you again. Until then, stay safe and well, dear friends!