Welcome Baby Miles!

Big news! On Valentine’s Day, 2016, Brandon and I welcomed our second sweet baby boy, Miles, into the world. We are greatly enjoying being parents again for the second time!

Miles is now nearly 6 months old and is such a smiling, happy baby! We are completely in love with him.

I’ve been doing a lot of writing for my own personal sake, to help me remember in the future what it was like being a mommy to two small boys. Here is something I wrote recently:

I want to freeze this moment.

My baby is crying. I just laid him down a few minutes ago. I go into his dark room. A turtle nightlight soother is cooing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. He stops crying as soon as he sees me. He reaches one arm up to me. I lean down and he smiles big, around his paci, his soft little hand bats at my face, grasps my finger, tugs my bangs. I stroke his downy cheek, his fuzzy bald head. He grabs a chunk of my hair and yanks. “Ouch!” I say, and he giggles. His eyes begin to close. I turn to leave and shut the door behind me. He is peaceful now.

I want to freeze this moment, to imprint every texture of it on my brain, so I can come back to it in the future; come back to the time when my mere presence soothed and comforted him, a time before he ever had his heart broken, when he never knew anything of violence, of war, of worry, of money, of pain. I want to take the softness of his cheek, his sweet, just-bathed baby smell, the perfect smallness of his tiny hand, the feeling of his chubby little body that fits so completely in my arms, his innocence, and put it in the bank, so I can withdraw it someday, someday when he towers over me, and his cheek is is rough with stubble, and there are others he needs and wants more than me, as is right, as is life.

Remember, remember, remember.

By Angela Easterling -¬ July 29, 2016


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