Singer / Songwriter

Country / Folk / Alternative


Two-time Wildflower Performing Songwriter Top 10 Finalist (2012, 2015)
Telluride Troubadour Top 10 Finalist (2011)

Three-time Kerrville New Folk Finalist (2009, 2010, 2015)
2007 "Earning Her Wings"
2009 "BlackTop Road"
2011 "Beguiler"
2012 "Mon secret"

2015 "Common Law Wife"

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Mon secret: Téléchargez les crédits, paroles des chansons et les traductions en anglais ICI

Beguiler Lyrics & Credits
Produced by Will Kimbrough

Engineered by David Henry at TrueTone Studio, Nashville, TN
Dec 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, 2010. Mixed By David Henry.
Mastered by Jim De Main, Yes Master, Nashville, TN.
The Beguilers are Brandon Turner & Jeff Hook.

All songs written by Angela Easterling ©2010 De L'est Music ASCAP
except: "The Fish & The Bird” written by Brandon Turner © 2010 Brandon Turner Music ASCAP
and "Anchored in Love” by James Rowe & James Vaughan (Public Domain)

The Musicians:
Will: acoustic, electric, resonator, baritone, 12 string, banjo, mandolin, accordion, piano, organ, harmonica, percussion, BGV
Brandon: lead guitar, pedal steel, resonator, ukulele, BGV
Jeff: drums & percussion
Angela: acoustic guitar, mandolin, BGV
David: cello, percussion
Byron House: electric & upright bass
Fats Kaplin: fiddle, accordion, pedal steel

1. The Fish & The Bird
I gave my heart to a silver-winged bird.
Thought he'd give me everything he could in return.
And all that he gave me, may have been all that he had.
But it never was enough to keep me on dry land.

Me, I am the fish. And my home's below the waves.
No matter how I wish….that's where I'm bound to stay.
My head ain't in the clouds and I can plainly see;
The fish and the bird, that was you and me.

Sunlight on the water goes dancing with the tide,
Saw my silver bird starting to take flight.
Back to his home far beyond the sandy shore,
Never to return, back to me no more.

Now it really don't matter in the long hand of time,
If I thought for just one minute, I could be yours, and
you could be mine.

Moonlight on the water goes dancing with the wind.
Reminds me of a bird. He was my friend.
But here beneath the waves of the world that I live in.
The fish and the bird never could have been.
Yes here beneath the waves of my blue oblivion.
The fish and the bird, will never be again.

2. Happy Song
I'm gonna sing a happy song today. I'm gonna push those big dark clouds away
Don't want no misery, piling on what's ailing me,
No, I'm gonna sing a happy song today
I'm gonna play a cheerful melody. Won't let that minor chord sneak in the key.
No time for the blues, no sad tales, no bad news,
Oh I'm gonna play a cheerful melody

Give me peace of mind, a love so kind, a smile on my face…
Sweet sweet water gonna wash my pain away.

I'm gonna paint a picture of the sun, Shining down so bright on everyone
We're alright, we just gotta get through this long night,
So I'm gonna paint a picture of the sun.

Come on and sing this happy song with me..
If you feel inspired put on some harmony.
Believe my friends, something good is ‘round the bend
So sing along to this happy song with me.

3. One V. Two
One is a master plan, One is a straight line,
One always knows what's next, One always knows what's mine.
Two is a detour, Two is a winding road,
Two is going on vacation, abandoning your station, And sharing your heavy load.

CHORUS But Oh, this feels so fine. I'm gonna take my time.

One is do it my way. Two is a compromise. One is hedge your bets. Two is roll the dice.
One is being bold. Two is a hand to hold.
One is peace and quiet, Two can be a riot, Hot with passion then cruel and cold.

One don't have to be lonely. Two don't have to be chained.
One might be a blessing. Two might cause you pain.
One is freedom of self. Two is freedom from self.
Any love is freedom, all of love is freedom, Makes your life lived full and well.

4. Maria, My Friend
She was my brother's girl, green-eyed and chestnut curls
We'd ride in his car, under the stars, our hair in the wind.
And he never knew a thing, but she would take off his ring
Put her hand in mine, sneak out some cheap wine and make my head spin.

CHOR: Oh Maria, my friend. Oh Maria, when will this end?

But she was a warrior, and I'm just a small town girl
So when she confessed, she was heading out west, I did not understand.
I'll never forget the sight, my tears blurring her taillights,
As I watched her go, leave all that we know, I just couldn't jump in.

So many years gone by. I married a real nice guy.
Guess I've got a good life, try to be a good wife, but it's empty within.
Oh Maria, I ache for you. This pain is still fresh and true
It pierces like swords, it sears and it roars, under my skin.

5. Manifest Destiny They stole this land from the Cherokee, And sold it to my family.
Taken now from you and me, Manifest Destiny.
Our plows turned up their pottery, Our hoes unearthed their weaponry,
Though cruelly they were forced to flee, They left behind a legacy.
Now we've worked this soil 200 years, It holds our blood and sweat and tears,
But some developer has a plan, He's gonna do something better with our land, with our land, Gonna make a lot of money with our land.
He's made it clear that I can't stay. Well, maybe it's fair that I should pay.
So if I lose my farm today, That's just the American way, that's just the American way.
All these lessons left unlearned, Scorch the earth and watch it burn.
But I'd rather give it back to the Indian,
Than turn it all over to The Man, to The Man, than to turn it all over to The Man.
They stole this land from the Cherokee, And sold it to my family.
Taken now from you and me, Manifest Destiny.

6. Group Self-Deception (It's Alright)
You lie to your boss when you're late for work,
Lie to the preacher, ‘cause you ain't at church,
Lie to the doctor about the packs you smoke,
Lie to the cops about the laws you broke, It's alright. Yeah it's alright.
You're gonna do what you wanna and you wanna think that it's alright.
Lie to the dentist about flossing your teeth, Lie to the scale about what you eat,
Lie to your wife about where you've been,
Lie to your man ‘cause you were with his friend last night. Yeah, but that's alright.
You're gonna do what you wanna and you wanna think that it's alright.

Take me down, I'll take you down. Take me down and I'll take you down
You take me down and I'll take you down. I'll take you down…

Lie to the taxman and fudge some receipts, Lie to your kids about the birds and bees,
Lie to your folks about the money you make
And the ballplayers lie about the drugs they take, It's alright. Yeah that's alright.
We like to do what we wanna and we wanna think that it's alright.

Lies in the election with the hanging chads,
They lied about the reason for a foreign attack,
Lied while our economy walked the plank,
They took the money from the people, gave it all to the banks,
It's alright. Yeah that's alright.
They're gonna do what they wanna and they make us think that it's alright.

Lie as the ocean fills with oil. Lie about the chemicals in the soil.
Lie about making that coal burn clean,
Sell our children's future for some gasoline, it's alright. Yeah that's alright.
We like to do what we wanna and we wanna think that it's alright.
We're gonna do what we wanna so we justify that it's alright.

7. Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Was May of 1889, when Greed did draw a sad, sad fine
They say the Devil came to dine, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
From mountain high, that river ran, Held by the weary South Fork Dam
She made a pretty lake for the richest man, Who played in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
I would be 20 in the fall. The Miller's son for me did call
He kissed me by the Miner's Hall, that day in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

We heard a roar, like a mighty train. The waters surged, the dam did break
Houses and trees tossed in its wake, Headed for Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
My sweetheart would not let me drown. He pushed me to some higher ground,
But he was gone, when I turned ‘round, Gone from Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
I grabbed some timber, held on tight. The wreckage tossed me left and right.
"Oh God, I'm scared, I'm scared to die” And to leave Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

I reached up to that light above, My body warmed by pure, pure Love
I turned into a snow white Dove, and flew o'er Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
In one brief hour, that dreadful day, 2200 swept away.
And a city street was their watery grave, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
This Earth won't bow to will of Man. She's governed by another Hand.
Please heed Her warnings while you can! Remember Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

8. Never Got That Far (duet with Brandon Turner)
I tried so hard to leave you, but I never got that far,
No, I never got that far away from this
Pretense fills these walls. Silence as evening falls
I tried so hard to leave you, but I never got that far,
No, I never got that far away from this.
I saw your heart grow cold. My flaw was I just let it go.
And you tried so hard to leave me, but you never got that far,
No you never got that far away from this.
Don't you wonder why we just keep holding on
To a memory, a ghost of love that's gone, for so long.
One last chance, we both agree. One last dance, then we're free.
We tried so hard to leave it, but we never got that far,
No, we never got that far away from this

9. Two Clouds
It's been a long, hot summer, after a long cold year.
Fields lie in slumber way down here.
But there's a sweet breeze blowing, and it's planting time
And I just sensed that thunder rumbling up my spine

‘Cause there's two clouds up in the sky, All of a sudden there's a big supply
Gotta get some rain or I think I'll die.
Mama needs some water 'fore the well runs dry

I can feel the kinetic lightning spark, As the Heaven's brighten and go dark.
And the wind is whipping through my hair, Like Energy dancing on the air
And I'm alive, my heart is pounding and my skin electric chills,
I'm alive, my breath abounding, every muscle tensed to thrill
I know the storm is coming, the one that I've been waiting for
And it's just like that old saying, when it rains…..Good God, it pours.

10. A Married Man (Harmony vocals: WK & Fayssoux Starling McLean)
You say you love a married man, You say he treats you like a queen.
Like no other man you've known, like no other man you've seen.
The good ones are taken and he's breaking a vow that's not yours anyway.
So why not live life to the hilt and hope that guilt will fade.
But Girl, don't love that married man. There's no way to make it right.
And no matter how you try, you won't win his heart tonight.
Once I loved a married man. I caused another woman's pain.
Put my own selfish desire above her home, above her shame.
How could I tell her of his stellar most attractive quality?
Her husband had the charm of Unavailability.
Girl, don't love that married man. You just kill yourself inside.
And no matter how you try, you won't win his heart tonight.
So now you love a married man; you think you are his only one,
His only OTHER one, that is, but he is out to have his fun.
You'll cry your tears, he'll disappear, When fun for him you cease to be.
He doesn't need another wife or another Self to flee.
Girl, don't love that married man. He can't fit you in his life.
And no matter how you try, you won't win his heart tonight.
Girl, don't love that married man. There's no way to make this right.
And no matter how you try, you won't win his heart tonight.

11. Pocket
Has no one ever told you, you are beautiful?
Has no one ever held you in the dark?
Has no one ever touched you where you needed,
Oh, and felt the fervent pounding of your heart?
There's a star on you that beams like Heaven's Glory,
A moth to flame, I'm drawn close to its flare.
And everyone around you sees it shining,
Oh, but I don't think you even know it's there.

Let's go.. The whole world is just us two. Let go. There's no one here but me and you…
Our little pocket in the corner of the night…Where the shadow of the light is blue.

I may act like I know where I'm headed, Well, I don't really even have a clue.
I trap myself in secrets, then I give to much away,
Oh, I wrestle with my darkness and my truth.
But I'll let you have that part that no one else can see,
The lonely girl pretending she's so tough.
I think you know me like nobody else does,
And you've filled the cracks in me up with your love.

12. Anchored in Love (In Memory of Donald Messa)
Featuring: Fayssoux Starling McLean, Hannah Miller, Will, Brandon & David

My friend Dani Lacey-Baker came up with the name for my band. When I put out the call on Facebook & Twitter for band name ideas, I wasn't really seriously looking for a band name, just kind of more curious what folks would come up with. There on the long list of suggestions I was getting, Dani's jumped out at me: THE BEGUILERS. I just knew it was right. Kind of like when I first saw Jeff Hook playing at a club in Greenville and Brandon Turner at a coffeehouse in Spartanburg. Both times, I distinctly remember thinking, "That's it, right there, that is exactly what I need”. Their musical influence inspired the songs on this album. It is so fulfilling to write for specific players and then give those songs over and watch them blossom. Thank you Brandon & Jeff, also the wonderful bass players we've gigged with: Franklin Wilkie, Brandon Gilliard and the dearly missed Todd Verdin (R.I.P.); of course the ever amazing Will Kimbrough, David, Byron and all the other artists who contributed their talents.

Special thanks to John Sackett for taking us out in his beautiful boat and to MBW drums for the snare.

Photographed Dec. 27, 2010 at Lake Hartwell, SC by Coke Whitworth.
Graphic design & layout : Eva Crawford
Website: Thomas Valle

©2011 do not reprint without permission

Angela Easterling BlackTop Road

Produced by Will Kimbrough.
Recorded by David Henry at True-Tone Studio, Nashville, TN
11/10/08 - 11/21/08
Mixed by David Henry
Drums & Percussion: Ken Coomer
Bass (#1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 12): Tim Marks
Upright Bass (#2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11) Dave Jacques
Mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master, Nashville
Songs ©2009 De L'Est Music, ASCAP.
Photo shoot by Coke Whitworth, 01/19/09
at Hammett farm and Hammett Bridge Rd., Greer, SC
Graphic Design: Eva Crawford
Website: Thomas Valle

1.) American I.D. (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc., Acoustic, BGV;
WK: Acoustic, 12 String, Electric, Organ, Percussion, BGV
On the night train to Copenhagen, I fell into a restless sleep. Woke up in a foreign city, where every stranger looked like me. Way back home in Carolina, even in my family, I see the mark of many nations, it's our American ID. Where every face tells me a story of some soul yearning to be free. But we still fight and we still struggle for our American ID. When I grew up I left my hometown, came out west to stake my claim, Brought my ancestors journey 'cross these rivers and these plains. I know it's their restive Spirit, their same blood inside my veins Makes me leave what is familiar to seek an unforgotten name. Where every face tells me a story of a dreamer and a dream. But we still fight and we still struggle for our American ID. I get so angry at my neighbour; on so much we disagree. I decided to surround myself with those who think like me. But all these colors that divide us, all these differences we spite, Maybe form our true foundation, and in the end will seem so slight. Every face tells me a story that's part of my history. But we still fight and we still struggle for our American ID

2.) Better (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc., Acoustic; WK: Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro; DH: Cello, BGV;
Fats Kaplin: Violin
I wanna be warm tonight. I wanna know if it's alright…Can I come over now before I take my flight, And rest my weary head down on your arm? I wanna feel that good. Wanna have something I never could -Can I be your girl? Can I be understood, And safe inside the haven of your heart? I sleep better in your bed than I do in mine. I look better in your eyes than I do in mine. When I want to feel free, when I want to feel fine, Baby your place is better than mine. Tomorrow will be different, I know. Tomorrow I'll be back out on that road. What is it about this gypsy life that makes me wanna go to every lonely heartbreak that I find? But some night when I'm lost and all alone, some night when I hate my damage done, I'll look deep inside and see your love to light my way back home. Baby, you're my North Star in the sky.

3.) A.P. Carter's Blues (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc.; WK: Acoustic, Mandolin, 12 String, BGV; Anne McCue: Lap Steel; Fats Kaplin: Pedal Steel
I've been haunted by a Spirit I can't seem to lose, Since I got that old Clinch Mountain dust upon my shoes. I stood up at his grave and I thanked him for his song. But when I walked back down that hill, I didn't walk alone.I been searching this whole world for just where I belong, Wondering if anyone will miss me when I'm gone, The only heart I've ever loved is lost and so untrue, Seems I've got ol' A.P. Carter's blues, oh lord. Yes I've got ol' A.P. Carter's blues. I awaken in the night to a sound that isn't there…A shadow moves behind me and it trembles on the stair…Is it just the working of my lonely, restless mind? Or a little bit of sorrow from that valley he left behind?

4.) BlackTop Road (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc., Acoustic, BGV; WK: Acoustic, Piano, BGV; DH: BGV;
Anne McCue: Lead Guitar, Lap Steel
They've got telephone poles where our trees had been, They ripped up our pasture, put a sidewalk in, Yeah, the big voice of Progress said, "You've gotta go!" "We're gonna lay us a black-top road, We're gonna lay us a black-top road" Well they tore down the house my great granddaddy built, Where my grandpa was born and my Mama took her first steps. But nobody cared about the stories it told, The spot was just right for a black-top road, was the perfect spot for a black-top road. Black-top road, black top road, they're gonna lay them a black-top road. Don't you try to complain, you just do as you're told, get out the way of that black-top road. Grandma planted these flowers back when she was my age. And they still bloom here every year, 'though she's gone to her grave. But they won't be here tomorrow and that I know, They're gonna pave 'em right over with a Black-top Road, Cover 'em over with a black-top road. We cried, "This can't happen in the U.S.A". They said, "You'd better shut up or we'll take your farm away" But then they'd thought they'd be friendly, maybe throw us a bone: They slapped our family name on that Black-Top Road. Now our family name's on that Black-Top Road.

5.) The Picture (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc., Acoustic, BGV; DH: BGV; Al Perkins: Pedal Steel
WK: Acoustic, Electric, Baritone, Piano, Organ, BGV
Daddy, why'd you have that picture of that Black man in the tree? I found it here with things you left me. Horror my eyes can't bear to see. I'll tear it into a million pieces, I'll burn it with a thousand flames, But the history revealed here… doesn't change. Were you too young to make a difference? Or just too late in passing by? Did you take it to remember events we'd just as soon deny? 'Cause I always knew you as a good man, standing righteous, strong and tall. But here's the chance I never knew you… at all. And you sang Holy, Holy, Holy every Sunday, Sunday morning, But how could you stand there in God's sight, with what you did Saturday night? You walked this earth for 90 years and you were my Dad for 63, In all that time, you never told me; a whole life lived beneath the seams. And now I wish the Jordan River could come and wash away the stain, But the blood upon my white hands… still remains. Daddy why, Daddy why, Daddy why, Daddy why. Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, Daddy why?

6.) Field of Sorrow (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc., Acoustic; DH: Cello; WK: Banjo, Dobro, Pump Organ, Percussion; Fats Kaplin: Violin
Brother will bear a heavy burden and late at night he still calls my name. He wants to throw his arms around me, no one can know my brother's pain. Father will bear a heavy burden and late at night he still calls my name He wishes somehow he could have saved me, no one can know my father's pain. For I'm bound to leave this field of sorrow, my work is done and it's time to go. But where I'm headed, you may not follow. There's still a seed here that you must sow. Mother will bear a heavy burden and late at night she still calls my name. She longed to see me grow to a woman, no one can know my mother's pain. But my dear, dear family, I'm all around you. I hear you when you call my name. I'm in the whispered breath of morning, the gentle touch of evening rain.

7.) One Microphone (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc., BGV; WK: Acoustic, Mandolin, Baritone, BGV;
Fats Kaplin: Accordion
See there's on microphone, used to be two. One was for me, one was for you. Now I stole the heart of the singer, but you broke the heart of the song, I won't look for a reason to linger: when I take my exit, I'm gone. Still, I hope someday you find, you've changed your mind, you're tired of playing alone 'Cause now I'm just Melody, you were my Harmony. You'll find me out on this stage with just one microphone. See there's one lone guitar, used to be two. And those old happy chords all sound so blue. Was the music that brought us together the music that ended our song? Did we need it more than each other? Or did we just play it all wrong?

8.) Helpless (Neil Young) Broken Arrow Music Corp. (BMI)
AE: Voc., Mandolin; WK: Electric; DH: Cellos, Euphonium, Loops;
DJ: Alto Horn

9.) Birmingham (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc., Acoustic, BGV; DH: BGV;
WK: Acoustic, Electric, Organ, Piano, BGV
Stars shine bright in the sky tonight, like I'm waking up from a dream. Followed the lines in the true design to the genesis of me. Birmingham, I'm coming back, A thousand miles by the railroad track. And my heart counting every one. On my own, no yellow brick road, No one else can bear the load, Say who I am, but in Birmingham, I'll know . Cracks in the clay, but I'll be okay. This red earth looks a lot like me. 'Cause it's where I'm from and I'm not done. My life pursues light imperfectly. I just want to be loved, I just want to be needed. I just want to be loved like I was in Birmingham.

10.) Big Wide World (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc., BGV; Fats Kaplin: Fiddle
WK: Acoustic, Electric, Baritone, Mandolin, Organ, Percussion, BGV
He says I just sing leaving songs, I never let him hold me long, I know he speaks a truth I can't deny… Well, I just don't know how to be the woman that he needs from me, While I find a way of living my own life. 'Cause there's a big wide world turning round, And I can't stop or slow it down. So I'll just hold on tight and I'll take a ride on this Big Wide World turning round. He thinks I should jump at the chance to give myself all to romance, But there's part of me that he can't understand. 'Cause I've never dreamed of being tamed and I wasn't born to change my name, It's nothing I would ask of any man. Now for 40 years we've had this conversation; I can't believe that it's still happening to me! Every time I must provide an explanation…As a woman who is happy being free…Yeah that whole thing just don't seem right to me!

11.) Stars Over the Prairie
Written by Eugene Easterling (Angela's great-grandfather)
New lyrics and arrangement - A. Easterling
AE: Voc.; WK: Acoustic, Archtop; Fats Kaplin: Fiddle, Pedal Steel

Stars over the Prairie, where the sunset ends, out where the West begins, When the shades of night are falling, seems I hear a coyote calling, My heart enthralling, do you hear him too? And each dream of Stars Over the Prairie, brings a memory of home and friends so true. How I long for open spaces, those old familiar places, Oh and Stars, how I'm lonesome for you.

12.) Just Like Flying (A. Easterling)
AE: Voc., Acoustic; WK: Harmony Vocal, Acoustic, Wurlitzer;
Al Perkins: Pedal Steel
I hopped the last flight from Nashville to L.A. And caught a daydream of his kiss to take me away. I slipped off of that airplane and into the air. There was never a worry, never a care. Just the wild, western wind in my hair. 'Cause falling in love feels like flying. Falling in love… Just like flying. And oh how I miss him when he's gone. But the ache is as sweet as a sad song. Anticipating the sound of that knock at my door, And the moment his arms surround me once more…My feet slip away from the floor. When I see his face, how I tremble inside. It's the pull of gravity, I'm leaving earth behind. So should we soar too close to the sun. And watch our wings fall away one by one; I will never regret the decision to try. And every time I look back on my life, I'll know that I once touched the sky.

13.) Un Microphone (bonus track)
Translation by A. Easterling and Marianne Bessy
AE & DH: BGV en français
©2011 do not reprint without permission

Angela Easterling Earning Her Wings

All songs written by Angela Easterling except:
The Accordion by A. Easterling and Shawn Davis;
and When I Wake Up (to Sleep No More) by Marion Easterling,
©1944 Stamps-Baxter Music (BMI) Administered by Brentwood-Benson Music.
©2007 DeL'Est Music ASCAP

Earning Her Wings, Feel Like Drinking, Truck-Drivin' Man, The Accordion a
nd When I Wake Up produced by James O'Connell and Angela at Monkey Den Studio.
Toy, River Jordan, Eyes Of A Fool and Long, Gone, True
produced by Angela and Micah Plissner at Micah's.
The Musicians:
CARL BYRON Piano, Accordion, Organ
DAVE PHENICIE Bass, BGV's, Harmonica
JAMES O'CONNELL Drums, Guitars, Percussion, BGV's
JIM AND DANI LACEY-BAKER guest vocals on When I Wake Up
IKE MARR Fiddle, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar
ANGELA BGV's, Mandolin, Percussion

Cowboy produced by Shawn Davis at Grandma's Warehouse.
Additional Musicians: ANDREW BUSH - Bass, Guitars; NICK RANDOLPH - BGV's

Dear Johnny produced by Jim Lacey Baker at Mad Dog.
Additional Musicians: JIM - Guitars; JEFF LEGORE - Bass; MARK MORROW - Drums;

Mixed by James O'Connell.
Mastered at Digiprep.

River Jordan

River Jordan, running deep, come down here and wash over me. I been lost. I been down.
Been longin' for my starry crown.
California sun like a burnin' flame; but I still hear Virginia call my name.
High on a mountain, that holy flood, in my blood, in my blood, in my blood.
Oh Lord, can you hear my prayer? Sometimes I wonder if you are there.
That home I left, that green, green hill, haunts me still, haunts me still, haunts me still.
Can I lay my burden down? I'm longin' for my starry crown.

Earning Her Wings

The blue lights are shining o'er the streets of the town,
The cowboys and truckers order up one last round;
They stare at the lady up there with the band, and call for "a sad one" again.
She's tired and wasted, she wants to go home.
But morning comes slowly for the man that's alone,
So right now, she'll love them the best way she can,
up there with the mic in her hand.
She sings easy, sweetly… They say every time you hear those fiddle strings,
A honky-tonk angel is earning her wings.
Maybe she once dreamed that she'd be a star, Maybe she married too young and fell hard,
Maybe her beauty has faded with time, But she's the belle of that barroom tonight.
When the smoke in the air hits the lights on the stage,
You'd swear there's a halo surrounding her face.

Feel Like Drinking

When I'm pushed into a corner and my back's against the wall,
The rising expectations just make for a steeper fall
I need to get away and just forget about it all and I'll be fine… I feel like drinkin' tonight.
I feel like drinkin', I don't feel like thinkin', I need a vacation from my restless mind.
So pass me that bottle, I'm goin' full throttle, And leavin' this whole mess behind.
Oh I feel like drinkin' tonight.
Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name.
They don't ask a lot of questions, who you are and why you came.
They know what you're doin' here,
they're here to do the same and they won't mind if you feel like drinkin' tonight
What's wrong with bein' happy for a little while? I'm gonna fix that trouble,
Gonna have me a double, tilt it back and just take flight… And do a little drinkin' tonight.


You were like a kid on Christmas Morn. I was the trinket you would adore.
You unwrapped me so careful and slow.
Pushed every button to see what I could do, Had your little fun and when you were through,
You left me to go try somethin' new.
You're a bad boy. And I'm your toy.
Pretty painted smile still on my face, parts of my heart all over the place, I
ain't no good to nobody this way.
Why did you take me down off the shelf? You should have left me there, happy by myself,
Now you know how owning me felt.
You made this country Barbie fall, head over her high-heeled boots and all.
I guess no one ever told you, "Boys shouldn't play with dolls"
I hope you enjoyed your little game. I hope that you don't forget my name, '
Cause someone's gonna do you the same.

The Accordion

The preacher went down to the old Hendricks' place, in a rusted-out pick-up that had seen better days.
Said, "I heard Ya'll's truck just broke down, well, this one ain't too pretty, but she'll get you around."
Old Man Hendricks was grateful, but he still had his pride. Said,"Wait right here" and he ran on inside.
Came back with the one thing of value he owned: his mother's beloved accordion.
"When I was just knee-high and her smile was bright,
we'd laugh and we'd dance to that music all night.
I thought those sweet days would go on and on; But they're gone, long gone.
And nobody plays this Accordion"
The preacher just smiled in a wistful way. Said, "My daughter's a singer, She's out in L.A.
But I want her to remember where she came from, so I think I'll send her this accordion."
"When she was just knee-high, her smile was bright,
she'd laugh and she'd dance to that music all night.
I thought those sweet days would go on and on; But they're gone, long gone. I
hope she'll play this Accordion"
Now, in a one-room apartment, at Franklin and Vine, that girl from Pearl River has gone back in time;
And a page from her memory, all tattered and torn, mends with each note from the accordion.
When she was just knee-high, her smile was bright,
she'd laugh and she'd dance to that music all night.
She thought those sweet days would go on and on,
and they were almost gone. 'Til she learned to play that accordion.

Eyes Of A Fool

There's the girl in the picture, the one I always dreamed,
Though the smile is perfect, it can't hide the lies from me.
Think you're so special, well you think you're so smart.
Acting like you've made it when you don't know where to start.
Oh I look in the mirror and all that I see are the eyes of a fool staring back at me.
Wearing that new dress with the same worn-out fear;
You can't get your own man, so you take the one that's near.
At night when he leaves you, you sit by the phone,
hoping someone will call and you won't be alone.

Truck-Drivin' Man

Well I grew up on a farm down in Carolina, where the men know how to be men.
Grandpa'd ride the tractor then he'd feed the cattle, Sing a song before the day would end.
Came to California, where the boys are so purty. Their hair's fulla gel and their clothes are never dirty.
Leaves my heart longin' for the simple satisfaction of a truck-drivin' man.
He can be from the hills, he can be from the swamp, it really don't matter to me.
Just let me watch him fix my car and Lord, I'm in ecstasy.
Curl up and listen to some old Johnny Cash. He smells like tobacco and the bourbon in his flask.
Oh Lord, have mercy, I get hot thinkin' 'bout my Truck-drivin' man
All I want's a truck-drivin' man. Load it up, fire it up and run it the way he can.
Give him your keys and you'll understand.
Why I don't want a doctor, I don't want a lawyer, I want a truck-drivin' man.
Now girls you might question my line of thought here, so let me just explain.
If you've never had a man who works with his hands, then you probably think I'm insane.
But just take a little break from that sophistication, walk right down to your nearest filling station,
Introduce yourself to your knight in shining diesel, your own truck-drivin' man.
He may have grown up the hard way, but you know his mama raised him right.
He'll treat you just like a lady, you'll never turn back once you've tried
A Truck Drivin'Man!


He's got a woman, everywhere he goes, sometimes two.
And in her heart, in her heart, she knows, she's no fool.
But when the bedroom lights are off, and the candle's burning soft,
He's everything she ever wanted, breaks her heart but she don't scorn it.
She's too far gone to wonder, is it wrong or is it right, if her cowboy comes tonight.
So when she holds her lover, she studies every inch to memorize.
He leans down to kiss her, she don't even close her eyes.
'Cause there's so little precious time to store love inside her mind, f
or all the lonely nights ahead when he lies in another bed
And her cowboy's always gone. But someday he'll stay on,
Sayin' "Baby, You're the one for me". They'll ride away and she'll be free.

Dear Johnny

Dear Johnny,
I just heard that you were gone. And I had to sit down here and sing you one last song.
I know I should be happy that you're free from all your pain
Today's the day my hero got his wings.
Were you smiling when you saw your bride? Was she waitin' there for you on the other side?
While I sit here on the brink and watch you Fly Away, Fly Away
And is the Man in Black wearin' white today.
Dear Johnny, This old world's a crazy place. There's no one to believe in; there's so little room for faith.
So you'll please forgive me if I shed a selfish tear; somehow it all seemed better with you here.
Now you're singin' in that holy Angel Band. And are there streets of gold right where you stand?
While I sit here on the brink and watch you fly away… Fly away

And is the Man in Black wearin' white today

Long, Gone, True

The night wind sings its lonely song. A lover's wish, it won't be long. I
can't be there, I'm not that strong. Don't be angry, please
You're my only valentine. I feel your touch, our arms entwine.
You scared me with those hungry eyes, Still all I want to do tonight
Is to be with you. And to hold you.I pray for the mercy to get me through.
I'll be long, gone, true.
I'm no angel, though I tried to heal those years of hurt inside,
To make up for the ones that lied, Still all I want to do tonight
Is to hold you. And to love you. I pray for the mercy to get me through. I'll be long, gone, true.
Someday when you are alone and free, on some dark highway, by some sweet flowing stream,
I hope that you will think of me and smile.
'Cause I'll be with you, I'll be holding you. I pray for the mercy to get me through. I'll be long, gone, true.
©2011 Do not reprint without permission
Angela Easterling

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Angela is based in the Upstate area of South Carolina and available for booking nationwide. She tours solo acoustic, duo (with Brandon Turner) and as a four piece band.  Angela's band, The Beguilers, consists of Acoustic Guitar, Lead Electric Guitar, Bass and Drums.
For more booking info please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PRESS/PUBLICITY:  Karen Leipziger, KL Productions
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RADIO: Brad Paul, Brad Paul Media
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Angela Easterling - Bio

Angela Easterling “Common Law Wife” Out August 14!
With her new album, “Common Law Wife,” acclaimed Americana singer-songwriter Angela Easterling – once hailed by Byrds co-founder Roger McGuinn as “a bright shining star on the horizon” – clearly spells out the direction her life has taken in recent years.
Now I’m a common law wife, living out my life/I ain’t got no license, I’m a common law wife,” Easterling sings on the classic country-styled title track, joyfully explaining the relationship she now has with her longtime musical collaborator Brandon Turner.
Recorded with Joe Pisapia (Guster, k.d. lang, Drew Holcomb) at his Middletree Studios in Nashville, “Common Law Wife” – in addition to sparkling multi-instrumental performances by Turner – features some of Music City’s finest musicians, including Will Kimbrough, Fats Kaplin, Dave Jacques and Paul Griffith.
In her typical straightforward fashion, Easterling further reveals how she and Turner arrived at their “common law” arrangement with such lines as “You’d think I’d learned my lesson ‘bout those birds and those bees/Well, imagine my surprise then, when the stork came to my door.”
Easterling lives with her partner and their toddler son on the Greer, S.C., farm that has been in her family since 1791, specifically in the house that her World War II veteran grandfather built on the property several decades ago.
Motherhood, Easterling says, “is definitely the biggest inspiration for songwriting I’ve ever had,” a statement that’s evident throughout “Common Law Wife,” which collectively offers quite a few lyrics that celebrate the arrival of her first child, and explores the complexities, struggles and joys of her experience.
But don’t think for a moment that becoming a mother has softened Easterling’s musical perspective. “Common Law Wife” is also loaded with songs that tackle plenty of non-gentle subjects ranging from murder to civil rights.
Among the album’s highlights is “Isaac Woodard’s Eyes,” which Easterling was inspired to write after learning about the real life story of an African-American World War II veteran who was savagely beaten and blinded by police officers in South Carolina just hours after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 1946.
“Civil rights history is something that’s always touched my heart and hit home for me,” Easterling says. “That story, which happened in my home state, is something that seems unimaginable, yet I believe it’s still relevant in our modern life.”
And then there’s the leadoff track, “Hammer,” the writing of which was completed on the day that folk music icon Pete Seeger died and was inspired by the work ethic of both him and Easterling’s aforementioned grandfather, Harold Hammett.
“It’s really hard to sit around and binge-watch Netflix when you’re living in a house that Harold Hammett built!” Easterling says. “Whenever I’m here, I feel like I need to get up and do something, to get to work.”
“And I found Pete Seeger, who was someone I looked up to as a hero, to have a similar spirit to my grandfather in that he was always out there working for the things he believed in.”
“Common Law Wife” also features Easterling singing a duet with Will Kimbrough, who produced two of her previous albums. The song, “Aching Heart,” by the way, is her young son’s favorite. Another sweet spot is “Table Rock”, a joyful celebration of life only getting better as one gets older.
In “Throwing Strikes,” Easterling, a diehard Boston Red Sox fan, uses baseball imagery to help paint a picture of the despair felt in communities where once-thriving mills have been abandoned. The baseball concept, she says, was inspired by a lyric (“a vandal’s smile, a baseball in his right hand”) in Jason Isbell’s song, “Relatively Easy.” She calls her own song, which has an early Steve Earle/Bruce Springsteen vibe, a “David and Goliath story.”
“Goliath isn’t necessarily the mill but the powers-that-be that move these jobs overseas, and also the workings of the universe that lead some people to be successful and some not to be successful,” she says. “It’s that helpless feeling, like you’re up against a brick wall, and you’re trying your best and not getting anywhere.”
Throughout her career, beginning with her 2007 debut album, “Earning Her Wings,” which was chosen as “Americana Pick of the Year” by Smart Choice Music,” Easterling has embraced her heritage in a big way as a writer and an artist.
Her second album, 2009’s “BlackTop Road,” debuted on the Americana Top 40 chart, where it remained for seven weeks, and it was chosen as a top pick in both Oxford American and Country Weekly. One of its songs, “The Picture,” was named the year’s “best political country song” by the Boston Herald.
Easterling’s other albums include 2011’s “Beguiler,” which featured special guest Byron House (Robert Plant’s Band of Joy), and 2012’s “Mon Secret,” which is notable for being sung entirely in French with original songs by Easterling and her co-writer, Marianne Bessy.
Recognized as a top-notch songwriter in roots music circles, Easterling was selected for an official Americana Convention Showcase and is also a three-time Kerrville New Folk Finalist (2009, 2010, 2015), a Telluride Troubadour (2011) and a two-time Wildflower Performing Songwriter Finalist (2012, 2015).
Easterling was invited to appear on the WSM-hosted stage at CMA Music Festival/Fan Fair, where her entire set was broadcast live, and she has appeared on the nationally broadcast public radio program, “Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know,” the popular ETV show, “Making It Grow,” and has been interviewed by noted NPR journalist Bob Edwards.
Over the years, Easterling has opened for or appeared on stage with the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Sarah Jarosz, Lucinda Williams, Charlie Louvin, Elizabeth Cook, Robbie Fulks, Mary Gauthier, Ray Price, Suzy Bogguss, Ellis Paul, Radney Foster, the Oak Ridge Boys and Lori McKenna.

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